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Review: The Revenant, A Stunning Visual Without An Oscar Worthy Performance

I can’t be the only person in America to have come to this conclusion. Right?

The Revenant, the latest film by Alejandro G. Iñárritu, is a stunning piece of cinematic glory. It’s filled with incredible visuals, excellent and original story telling and of course, plenty of character depth. What it lacks is a performance worth of the title it seems to have already claimed.

When the Golden Globes named Leonardo DiCaprio the Best Actor in a Drama last month, it sent a ripple effect through Hollywood. It seemed as if the town had decided it was finally Leo’s turn. With four other performances nominated, none of these truly scream Best Actor. In fact, I’d guess that many of these performances would have lost to last years runner up Michael Keaton.

Avatar continuously came to mind throughout this movie. Another visually perfect movie, The Revenant felt similar in that way. It was almost too beautiful for it’s own good. The story was certainly in place but the performances seemed to lack the punch I was looking for. I didn’t care enough about anyone to get truly emotionally invested in the plot.

It was a beautiful flower pot with dandelions growing inside.

Now if the question is, did Leonardo DiCaprio play this role well, then the answer is overwhelmingly yes. But I contend that many Hollywood actors could have played this role well. It was a highly visual performance, using facial cues and other expressive gestures in lieu of dialogue. This isn’t an original concept by Iñárritu but to be fair, it was executed brilliantly.

So where does that leave us? Should you see this movie? Sure. Should you pay to see it in theaters? Probably not. Will it have the same impact when you watch it at home? Also probably not. It’s a solid movie with some amazing scenery but overall The Revenant will not be my pick for Best Picture. As for Leo, he’ll likely will win the Oscar. It’s just so unfortunate that it’s for this performance.

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