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10 Songs To Help You Master The New Years Eve Playlist

Playlists are something of a lost art. While many of you will run to Spotify, Apple Music or Pandora this evening, there’s nothing quite like curating your own playlist for your New Years Eve party. Here are ten songs to help you get started and make you seem like a music pro in front of your family and friends.

“Drink You Away” by Justin Timberlake: It’s easy to put a few Justin Timberlake songs on any New Years Eve playlist but this b-side from The 20/20 Experience is a perfect song to set the stage for a martini.

“What’s Up” by Four Non Blondes: Can you say ’90s throwback? This one brings back equal parts nostalgia and let’s dance, especially after a few adult beverages.

“Style” by Taylor Swift: No New Years Eve playlist is complete without a little Taylor Swift. Go with Style instead of the more popular Blank Space or Shake It Off.

“Hold Back The River” by James Bay: This is a great change of pace song for the middle of your playlist, from an artist who has been nominated in the highly competitive Best New Artist category at the Grammys. It’s an indie pop jam that’s an easy listen over and over.

“Doo Wop (That Thing)” by Lauryn Hill: Cue the first sing along of the night as everyone jams along to one of Lauryn Hill’s biggest hits.

“03′ Bonnie & Clyde” by Jay-Z & Beyonce: While most people assume that Crazy In Love was the first time Jay-Z and Beyonce worked together, this song was actually the beginning. Feel free to drop that fact into your small talk when this track drops.

“The Joker” by Steve Miller Band: Cue the second sure fire sing along of the night. While you could choose pretty much any Steve Miller Band song for a sing along, this one seems to be a perfect balance of partying and chilling out (and smoking and toking of course).

“Clap Your Hands” by SIA: Five years before Sia emerged with her smash single Chandelier (another song that could be on this list) she debuted in the United States with her first single Clap Your Hands. Show off your music knowledge with this hidden gem.

“I Want You Back” by Jackson 5: It almost doesn’t need to be written. But just to be sure, this song belongs on every party playlist for every event.

“Earned It” by The Weekend: When you’re ready to slow things down at the end of the night, this is the perfect song to do it with. Originally released on The Weekend’s Album of the Year nominated Beauty Behind The Madness, the song was later featured on the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack.

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