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Harris’ Song of the Week: ‘Breaking Up My Bones’ by Vinyl Theatre

There are moments in music when you don’t need to have the most original sound, but instead the right sound at the right time. There’s something special about summer creeping in along with this song. Vinyl Theatre haven’t reinvented the wheel with “Breaking Up My Bones,” the first single from their 2014 EP Electrogram.

The song features a really nice balance between the bands four members, including a perfectly intertwined synthesizer and understated guitar track. It’s light and fun, a perfect summer anthem as the weather starts to heat up. While the group has been around since 2012, they recently joined Fueled By Ramen records, the label responsible for artists such as Paramore and Twenty One Pilots, one of last summers breakout artists.

“Breaking Up My Bones” is feel good electr0-rock at its best and if you’re feeling up to it, check out the 8 song EP Electrogram.

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