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Movie Trailer Breakdown: Spring 2014

Now that the awards season has come to an end, we can start looking forward to huge summer blockbusters and indie films that slipped through the cracks of 2014 and find themselves on the early slate for 2015. To make this a little easier, we are now going to include the trailers themselves in our breakdown!

Cut Bank (April 3rd): In Matt Shakman’s (It’s Always Sunny In Philedelphia, The Good Wife) big screen debut as a director, he brings the heat with Cut Bank. A Coen Brothers style movie set in a rural Montana town, this movie should be loaded with clever suspense and the cast is extraordinary. Liam Hemsworth, Billy Bob Thornton and John Malkovich look to push this one over the top. This is on my must see list.

Lambert & Stamp (April 3rd): Ready for a truly interesting documentary? This is it. The untold story of how The Who came to be one of the largest bands in the world on the backs of two men, Lambert & Stamp. For music fans, this will be a must and for movie fans it’s probably a “wait and see it on Netflix” kind of movie.

Spectre (November): If there’s one movie that I truly have fallen in love with in recent movie history it’s Skyfall, the last James Bond installment. From the incredible cinematography to a great story, Sam Mendes has a firm grasp on the series and Spectre will be the next installment. What makes this movie even better is that Christoph Waltz will be playing Daniel Craig’s enemy, a role he’s born to play.

Welcome To Me (May 1st): This is Kristen Wiig’s first big step into the world of carrying a movie. While she was the focal point in Bridesmaides, she had comedy juggernauts like Maya Rudolph and Melissa McCarthy. For Welcome To Me, Wiig is joined by a less impressive cast and a first time director in Shira Piven. It’s twisted in all the right ways and looks like an awesome satire of American television.

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