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Sold Out Mercury Lounge Signals Arrival of Royal Blood

Without sounding too extreme, if you were to take Royal Blood and plop them on stage at Madison Square Garden, throw 100,000 watts behind them and insert a massive light show, you might be looking at the loudest thing to come out of England since Muse. Comprised of just two members, Royal Bloods is the latest duo that hopes to make a big splash in 2014.

This past March, Royal Bloods made a name for themselves at SXSW. Bringing a unique combination of brash instrumentation and sonic vocals, an unfamiliar style has pushed the band to the forefront of the musical world. Earlier this week at New York’s famed Mercury Lounge, Royal Bloods hit the stage right at 11pm. Despite the late show time and the weekday slot, the place was sold out and a very eclectic group was ready for a rock show.

What we received was nothing less than a kick in the face. Royal Blood have a sound that has the ability to literally knock you out of a chair. It’s powerful, but smooth. Created by friends Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher, the duo are able to fill the void of silence effectively, despite there only being two instruments on stage. Kerr plays a bass which he uses as his guitar, soloing and synthesizing a guitar sound throughout many of the songs. Thatcher sits behind a simple drum set that he beats the living crap out of.

Together they have created a sound unlike anything else out there.

Inside the Mercury Lounge, there is an odd gathering of people. There are headbangers, moms and dads and quite a few “industry folk.” It seemed like type of show that they might have played a few months back at SXSW. The show in New York, their second in two nights, is a part of a mini US tour which concluded on Thursday night at The Roxy in Los Angles. The rest of the of the summer will be filled with massive festivals. They return to the UK for Liverpool Sound City and Glastonbury before returning to the States in August for Lollapalooza.

As Mike and Ben reached their final song “Out Of Black,” the crowd seemed ready to digest what they had just heard. It was a show that was full of emotion and energy. Royal Blood have arrived and are here to stay.

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