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Hellogoodbye return with new single “(Everything Is) Debatable”

A simple beat opens over some rhythmic tones. An unfamiliar voice joins in with “I like where we are, when we drive, in your car, I like where we are….Here.” The year was 2006 and the song “Here (In Your Arms)” is just a few months away from going platinum in the US. That single was the first from a little known band called Hellogoodbye’s first album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! After 2006, the band would fall into the desolate space, previously occupied by $3.99 album bins at record stores.

Fast forward eight years. Hellogoodbye have finally returned with an album that draws some genuine interest. Instead of the simple beat that opened “Here (In Your Arms)” their newest single “(Everything Is) Debatable” sounds like it was made for 2014. It’s a straight funk jam that sounds like it was forced through a synthesizer and couldn’t possibly be more relevant.

The song is from their 2013 album of the same title, which came out last October and is finally starting to get some traction. What’s really interesting is that similar to their single in 2006, the song isn’t immediately catchy. It takes a listen or two before you really start to hum along with the chorus, or more importantly the melody taking place behind the chorus (you’ll get it once you listen)

(And yes, I will be asking them about the brackets(.)).

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