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The Oscar Goes To: Best Supporting Actress

After last years absurd Best Supporting Actress group, this years class seems a bit sad at first glance. After all, last year we had greats like Helen Hunt, Amy Adams, Sally Field and Jacki Weaver all lose to Anne Hathaway for her role in Les Misérables (she did shave her head after all). In recent years, actresses such as Octavia Spencer, Melissa Leo and Tilda Swinton have taken home this award and here’s a look at the five in contention this year:

For me this is a landslide victory of the highest caliber. One of these actresses gave a performance, so much better than the rest that I’m going to be appalled when she doesn’t win. Let’s look at the others first.

Sally Hawkins was great in Blue Jasmine but the movie was dominated by Cate Blanchett in a way few actresses can. Blanchett was the beginning, middle and end and everyone else in the movie gets completely washed out. Jennifer Lawrence, similar to Hawkins was excellent in American Hustle. Despite my distaste for her, she gave my second favorite performance in this group. It is also worth pointing out that Lawrence won this award at the Golden Globes just a few months ago.

Lupita Nyoung’o effort as the spark in Michael Fassbender’s eye in 12 Years A Slave was truly incredible. This will be the most underrated performance of the year and while she is my dark horse to win, I don’t see the Academy giving the award to the first time actress. Just as Hailee Steinfeld who lost for her role in True Grit in 2010.

August: Osage County is one of the only movies I did not see prior to the Academy Awards. It’s lack of nominations tells me that this was a legacy thing for Julia Roberts. I’m sure it wasn’t her best and there has been almost no buzz surrounding either the movie or her performance in it.

Finally we arrive at our winner; or at least my winner. June Squibb was able to give a performance in Nebraska that was so understated, so perfectly placed into the Bruce Dern/Will Forte dominated movie, that it would be a shame for her not to win. She’s witty, she’s poised and she delivers some of the more memorable moments in a movie that is tough to watch, but truly a brilliant film.

Here’s how I look at these things. Do you want me to tell you who will win or who should win? I’ve already given you my dark horse in Lupita Nyoung’o. Squibb should win but I do believe that the Academy’s sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence will take home her 2nd Oscar.

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