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The Oscar Goes To: Best Supporting Actor

The Award for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards has gone to Chris’ in each of the past 4 years, bracketed by Christoph Waltz in two Quentin Tarantino movies. In between, we had Christopher Plummer for Beginners and Christian Bale for The Fighter. This years five nominees are:

While I’d like to say that “I am the captain now” or “you have my money taped to your boobs” have a chance to win, the truth is they don’t. Neither does Michael Fassbender or Brandley Cooper. They gave good performances but not like this.

The winner will be Jared Leto and it’s not just because he lost all that weight and played an HIV positive transgender woman. Leto transformed himself into a different human being. I don’t remember an actor ever stepping into a role like that. Halfway through the movie you had completely forgotten how Leto actually looks and acted.

He became Rayon and connected with Matthew McConaughey on a level that seemed to go deeper than a movie. It was as if you were there with them instead of watching them on a large screen. The connection they shared was real and Leto was half the reason.

This should be a¬†Tarantino style massacre for Leto who should win the award by a landslide. It’s worth pointing out my second and third favorite performances in this category.¬†Barkhad Abdi was mesmerizing in Captain Philips as the Somali pirate. It’s amazing that he showed the poise he did while acting next to the first ballot hall of famer Tom Hanks. Another actor alongside a future hall of famer was Jonah Hill who really showed that he’s not just a character actor by giving a great performance in The Wolf Of Wall Street.

Any other year, either of those two performances would be in the running. This year, they finish a distant second.

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