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Grammy Preview: Record of the Year

Record of the Year is the top award of the night during the Grammy Awards. It is given to the best song of the year from a production and performance perspective. While the songwriting contributes to this, it is more about the way the song sounds. In past years, this award has been won by legends such as Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson and was most recently won younger artists like Gotye and Adele.

The nominees for Record of the Year at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards are:

Let’s get a few things straight about this award. First, it is almost always given to an elite artist. Only a few times has a young, up and coming artist taken home the award. Adele lost her first time (“Chasing Pavements” in 2009) before winning a few years later (“Rolling In The Deep” in 2012) once her name was ingrained and Coldplay didn’t win until their 8th single (“Clocks” in 2004). Norah Jones, a two time winner, won on her very first try for 2003′s “Don’t Know Why.”

This year, we have an interesting group. There are a number of songs here that are deserving of winning but one song stands apart. Imagine Dragons will likely have a long career ahead of them but this will not be the year they take home Record of the Year. “Radioactive” is a great song but it’s not likely to win.

Lorde created one of the most memorable stories of the year but a story alone isn’t enough to win this award. The same can be said about Robin Thicke. Despite T.I. and Pharrell Williams being on the track with Thicke, it’s just too much fun and not enough serious for the Grammy’s. It’s a great song but you don’t see this type of award going to a ┬ásong that has naked girls in the music video.

That leaves two. Bruno Mars has been nominated twice for Record of the Year. He lost in 2011 to Lady Antebellum on one of the songs that helped launch his career, “Nothing On You” by B.o.B. That song featured Mars. He then lost in 2012 to Adele for his song “Grenade.” These were two songs that are better than “Locked Out of Heaven.” If he didn’t win there, I don’t see him winning now.

The front runner has to be Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky.” Winning Album of the Year and Record of the Year is more common than you’d think. It has been done four times in the past 1o years, most recently by Adele in 2012. Daft Punk will be the next group to accomplish this amazing feat and as with Album of the Year, will mark the first time an electronic artist takes home Record of the Year.

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