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Grammy Preview: Best Pop Solo Performance

There’s a reason that I’m breaking down this category and it’s not a reason I’m happy to report on. The Best Pop Solo Performance Grammy is the highest award that Justin Timberlake is eligible to win this year and that is crazy. Still, these are the facts. Here are the nominees:

This will be the 3rd time this award is given out. Previously, this category was split into three different categories, honoring men, women and instrumentalists differently. Since the restructuring, Katy Perry has been nominated all three years and this will be the first year that Adele does not win. She won in 2012 for “Someone Like You” and in 2013 for “Set Fire To The Rain.”

Justin Timberlake has to be the front-runner because of his snubbing in the nights top three categories. Voters will likely shift in his direction because of this and he will garner more attention here than he would have if The 20/20 Experience was nominated for Album of the Year.

Sara Bareilles has gotten a ton of looks this year and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if she won for “Brave” in this category and was shut out in her pursuit of Album of the Year. Bruno Mars seems to always get lost in these discussions. Despite his 14 nominations (and 58+ million singles sold) in just 4 years of eligibility has only won a single award. Ironically, that win was in 2011 for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance, one of the categories wrapped into Best Pop Solo Performance.

It would make a lot of sense for Katy Perry to win this award but without a win in this category for songs such as “Firework” and “Wide Awake,” it doesn’t seem like “Roar” has the same flair.

So where do I put my money. I’m thinking that Justin Timberlake wins this one but I wouldn’t rule out Sare Bareilles as the dark horse candidate.

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