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Harris' Song of the Week: Chasing The Sun by Sara Bareilles

I’ve started listening to albums that received heavy praise in the form of Grammy nominations. One album that was received a Best Album nom out of left field was Sara Bareilles’s The Blessed Unrest. Instead of Justin Timberlake or Miley Cyrus in the final competition for this coveted award it is Bareilles. What I’m quickly discovering is that this it was a well deserved honor.

“Chasing The Sun” is the second song on the album and follows the first single “Brave.” It’s theme is New York City and it’s as powerful as it is beautiful. It has strong lyrics and classic Bareilles production qualities. After her major label debut in 2007 with “Love Song,” she has followed a pattern of releasing a great album every few years but lying very, very low in between. This album follows that pattern and could earn her a Grammy for the first time.

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