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Harris' Top 25 Songs of 2013 (5-1)

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#5 – Get Lucky by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell: We’ll call this the smoothest song of 2013. When I heard the Daft Punk was putting out their first album in 8 years, I really couldn’t’ care less. I wasn’t a huge fan before and I can’t say I’m a huge fan now. Random Access Memories was and will be one of the most overrated albums of the year but the quality of Pharrell and this songs production make it a can’t miss. It’s catchy from first listen straight through to this moment and was the anthem of the Summer in 2013.

#4 – Wake Me Up by Avici featuring Aloe Blacc: Here’s a song that I fell in love with right from the beginning. Aloe Blacc’s soul vocals and Avici’s production make this song instantly catchy. Unlike many Avici songs, it has amazing crossover effect in the rock and pop world because of the “hook” sung by Blacc. In November, it became the 5th best selling dance/electronic song in SoundScan history.

#3 – Black Skinhead by Kanye West: Figuring out where this song belonged was probably the hardest part of this entire list. A fantastic song from an artist who has become the evil super villain of music, “Black Skinhead” could be among West’s best songs ever. The production is brilliant and West’s lyrical content is fantastic. While he spends most of Yeezus talking about how he’s better than everyone, “Black Skinhead” mixes genres brilliantly with a backing that could be found in a modern rock song. An obvious comment on race in America, it’s just light enough to be played without being oppressed by the message.

#2 – Carry On by Fun.: The final single in what was a tremendous run for the band Fun., “Carry On” is the somber cousin of the album. It is delicate and beautiful, showcasing Nate Reuess’ incredible voice. If “We Are Young” and “Some Nights” introduced us to Fun. then “Carry On” certainly introduced us to Nate. He is the centerpiece in a song that seems to have a different meaning to every single listener. Also, it should be noted that this was my favorite music video of 2013. The image of them running in slow motion through Grand Central will always stick in my head.

#1 – Same Love by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis feat. Mary Lambert: Sometimes songs mean more than the paper they’re written on. I don’t think that when they recorded the song, they could have predicted a 2013 that featured a nation so divided over civil rights. Still, the song seemed to arrive on queue as politicians battled over the debt ceiling and equal rights got pushed to the back burner. Macklemore’s stand in this arena is not only brave but unheard of. If Eminem is the rapper that made it ok to rap without using the word nigger then Macklemore will be the rapper that pushed faggot and gay out of the rap dictionary. This song is fantastic without the message. It’s a beautiful rap layered with Mary Lambert’s Regina Spektor like vocal performance.

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