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Harris’ Top 25 Songs of 2013 (10-6)

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#10 – Closer by Tegan and Sara: For over ten years, Tegan and Sara maintained a quiet and cozy career as indie superstars. In March of 2013, I watched as they climbed onto the stage of the MTV Woodie Awards in Austin, TX, performing in between Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and Twenty One Pilots. The reason they were there was to perform this song, their first to chart in the United States and their first pop success.

#9 – Brave by Sara Bareilles: For Sara Bareilles, it’s all about the 3′s. Every 3 years she seems to go into the studio and emerge with a pop hit. In 2007 it was “Love Song.” In 2010 it was “King of Anything.” And now, 3 years later it’s “Brave,” the first single from her album The Blessed Unrest. As a song, it is pop gold with a perfect hook and production that makes you nod your head in approval. Her voice takes it home and we can all start hoping that we get another great record from Bareilles before 2016.

#8 – 22 by Taylor Swift: Another step away from her country roots and towards pop-superstardom, “22″ is the anthem of anthems for 2013. It is upbeat, catchy and features production value that would be her idols weep. It’s Taylor Swift singing about being 22-years-old and loving life as…a pop superstar. This could also be #1 on a list of the years catchiest songs.

#7 – Suit & Tie by Justin Timberlake: Enter the king. When you have an album as anticipated as The 20/20 Experience, it’s rare to actually meet expectations. Timberlake not only met them but blew them out of the water with a light funk record filled with 5 and 6 minute songs instead of 2 and 3 minute flashes in the pan. Of course, when an album sells 2.7+ million copies, the lead single has a lot to do with that.

#6 – Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus: Billboard just named Pink the Woman of the Year. I’ll take that challenge and respond with this. Miley Cyrus might be the artist of the year. She’s walking a tightrope. On either side of her is the abyss that many before have fallen into. Unlike the actors and artists that have come before her, she’s been at her musical best during her streak of craziness that included an absurd Awards Show performance with Robin Thicke and a haircut for the ages. Cyrus is peaking musically while running full speed towards a cliff.

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