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Harris' Top 25 Songs of 2013 (15-11)

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#15 – Counting Stars by OneRepublic: 2013 welcomed OneRepublic back to the limelight. Without any original music since 2009, it was starting to feel like they might never come back. Native came out in March and “Counting Stars” signaled that return. It”s incredibly catchy song with a hummable melody. While it may never be as big as earlier releases from the band, this song shows that they still know what it takes to write a great pop song as “Counting Stars” becomes only their 2nd top 5 single.

#14 – Just Give Me A Reason by Pink and Nate Reuess: This song probably should have ranked higher on this list. There is a musical reason why this song is so great. Pink, with her deep, melodic style actually sings the deeper line in this song. When Nate Reuess enters in the second verse, he is actually singing the higher part. This is rare in male/female duets but works in this case because of their role reversed voices. makes this song magical and unique the way only these two singers could.

#13 – Holding Onto You by Twenty One Pilots: This band from Ohio burst onto the scene shortly after SXSW 2013. They are a high energy rap duo who do things like jump off scaffolding and wear masks. Child like or not, they are amazing performers and put out one my personal favorite albums of the year, Vessel. “Holding Onto You” was the first single from the album and accurately demonstrates both the energy and musical quality this band exhibits.

#12 – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark by Fall Out Boy: Hiatus is a word used to describe a band that isn”t breaking up but is no longer making music together. In Fall Out Boy”s case it was used to describe a three year period filled with failed side projects. The Chicago band returned in 2013 and picked up where they left off in 2007. After early success, they went on hiatus after Folie à Deux was a huge disaster. But before that, they made music that audiences worldwide loved. With a renewed vigor, they stormed back into the spotlight with this pop gem.

#11 – Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids: I am on record as saying that I do not like Cold War Kids and I stick by this statement. When I saw them perform a few years ago, I thought they were horrendous. Still, when a song is great, a song is great. “Miracle Mile” never caught on the way I thought it would but it”s still phenomenal.

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