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Harris' Song of the Week: Freedom At 21 by Jack White

We all know the story here. Jack White doesn’t care what anyones wants to listen to. He doesn’t care about his fans. All he cares about is his music and the weird, ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CS6 oddities that he can produce from a guitar plugged into an amplifier.

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Intentional or not, I believe Jack White has stumbled upon his first song capable of living in the mainstream in years. White has not had a song break the Billboard Hot 100 since 2008′s “Another Way To Die” which happen to feature Alicia Keys. The White Stripes had several songs living within the Top 100 but since 2007′s Icky Thump, White has taken to his solo career. “Freedom At 21″ has yet to break the Top 100 but one can imagine it will find its way in. A combination of a catchy vocal track, signature White guitar riffs and a melody that you can actually follow could set this song up for a run on mainstream radio. If not, it will do what we all imagine White intends for all of his songs. It will live in obscurity for all to see and most to ignore.


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