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Recap: 5 Moments From Mad Men Season Premiere

Mad Men is a show that is always full of drama and has become one of the most anticipated premieres season after season. As we begin season six, here are five things you might have missed and should keep in mind as the season progresses.

  1. Peggy Misses Don: Peggy Olson is now  installed as the “Don” at a new agency, Cutler, Gleason and Chaough. While she showed poise in the season premiere, there were a few moments during the show when you could see her wishing she could pick up the phone and call Don. Knowing that they now work at competing agencies, she resisted the urge and ended up solving the problems herself. Still, it”s a

    theme to watch during the season.

  2. Roger Has Feelings: Who would have thought? Roger Sterling loses two people in his life in the season premiere. First, his mother. Then his shoe shiner. It is after he learns about the latter death that he breaks down in his office, crying over a glass of vodka. It”s a side of him that Mad Men audiences weren”t sure existed. As his importance to the company continues to dwindle, it will be interesting to see how this new emotional side of him bubbles up.
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  4. Sally Is Now A Mainstay: We all saw it coming. In fact, every single season preview loved to talk about it. Sally Draper is now becoming a main character on the show. She is smart, funny and a perfect balance of her parents.
  5. Betty Is Still A Lunatic: If I had 1,000,000 guesses, I never would have thought that the season premiere of Mad Men would feature Betty Francis cooking goulash in an abandoned apartment building. Still, there she was. The more pressing matter concerning Betty is her loss of control over Sally. In previous seasons, if Sally had shut the door in Betty”s face, Betty would have gone ape-shit. In the premiere, she just took it. Her exasperated look told the story. She”s given up on trying to be a great parent for Sally.
  6. Don Gone Dark: Don Draper has always had the ability to look at a brand and know exactly what the right message is. In the premiere, he spent time thinking about a campaign for the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. The concept he comes up with is brilliant, but very, very dark. It”s an ominous call to death that Don doesn”t deny when asked about. We can all assume that he”ll still be an excellent creative director but his dark side is definitely starting to show more and more.

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