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Movie Trailer Breakdown: Spring 2013

Spring generally isn”t the greatest season for movies. Many of the movies that will be in the Oscar race for the next year hold off on releasing until the Fall while major summer blockbusters are still a few months away. We”ve scoured the earth for some of our favorite and least favorite trailers for the upcoming season. Enjoy!

Black Rock (May 17th): Ugh. That”s about what this one ads up to. Three women get hunted by three seemingly normal men. And where you ask does this all take place? On a random island in the middle of a lake. Pass.

Emperor (March 8th, limited release): Telling the true story (technically this one is “inspired by true events”) of General Douglas MacArthur”s investigation into the role of Japan”s Emperor in World War II in the days immediately following the wars end. Matthew Fox and Tommy Lee Jones bring this movie to life and from the look of the trailer, it could be worth the price of admission…maybe even popcorn.

Starbuck (March 22nd, limited release): Here”s one you simply have to see…if you can deal with subtitles. We know that not everyone can deal with them but if you wanted to give it a shot, this looks like an awesome movie to go for. It”s the story of a 42 year old sperm donor who tries to track down a huge number of offspring that were created using his magic potion.

The Story of Luke (April 5th, limited release): Here”s the indie pick of the spring. This movie has a delicate balance of actors and actresses and a story that seems original down to the very last detail. We can not wait to check this one out!

Trance (April 5th): Just in case you were in need of a bit of crazy courtesy of Danny Boyle, this movie has potential. It”s not a particularly original plot but a very fresh cast headlined by James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel and Rosario Dawson have us intrigued.

Upside Down (March 15th, limited release): How do you feel about watching a movie where half the scenes take place upside down? Yeah, we”re not too sure either. This Jim Sturgess, Kirsten Dunst sci-fi movie looks big budget but feels like a major letdown waiting to happen. A cheesy tagline doesn”t help this movies chances…”what if love was stronger than gravity?”

We Steal Secrets (May 24th): This documentary about Julian Assange and his now infamous website WikiLeaks look stunning. With a ton of original material and never before seen interviews, this promises to be one of the more controversial movies of the



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