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2013 SXSW Alphabet: 26 Bands We Can't Wait To See At SXSW (U-Z)

Each and every year, South by Southwest is a launching pad for new music. From John Mayer to Marina and the Diamonds, the festival has a knack for producing big name stars. As The Truth About Music prepares to cover the event for the fourth consecutive year, we’re excited to travel through the alphabet and pick 26 bands that we can’t wait to see at SXSW 2013. Enjoy!

U is for

The Underachievers: We”ve had a huge problem finding really great hip-hop and rap groups for SXSW 2013. It took until now but we”ve finally found a truly gifted lyricist who can spit it at a fast and furious pace.

V is for Vintage Trouble: I”ll confess that I”ve already seen this band live. They put on one of the most electrifying shows I”ve ever seen as an opener in a small theater. An energy packed show, Vintage Trouble are purely awesome and could provide one of Austin”s finest nights of music.

W is for The Wild Feathers: If my math is correct, it”s taken 23 letters to find a band from Nashville, TN. It was worth the wait. The Wild Feathers are a straightforward folk rock band with a pop twist. A full sound and great songs to match make them a can”t miss SXSW 2013 band.

X is for Xeno & Oaklander: With only three options we”re throwing up a hail marry. All three artists in this letter are electronic artists and each has a similar sound. We”ll take a shot on Xeno & Oaklander even though we”re not nearly as convinced as we”d like to be.

Y is for Young Galaxy: There was nothing thrilling about most of the bands that start with the letter “Y.” We went with Young Galaxy because of the potential. Lead singer Catherine McCandless has a huge voice and it”s for that reason that we”re giving Young Galaxy a shot.

Z is for Zeale: We”ve done it! Arriving at the letter “Z” is no small task. With hundreds of bands these lists are getting harder and harder to complete. Arriving at the last letter, we”ve found an extraordinary talent with rapper Zeale. He spent 2012 touring and recording with AWOLNATION and Imagine Dragons and has a great sound and deep lyrics. We like him so much that we”ve attached two music videos for your enjoyment!


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