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2013 SXSW Alphabet: 26 Bands We Can't Wait To See At SXSW (I-L)

Each and every year, South by Southwest is a launching pad for new music. From John Mayer to Marina and the Diamonds, the festival has a knack for producing big name stars. As The Truth About Music prepares to cover the event for the fourth consecutive year, we’re excited to travel through the alphabet and pick 26 bands that we can’t wait to see at SXSW 2013. Enjoy!

I is for Imaginary Cities: Last year, the “I” spot on our countdown went to a band that would go onto have a huge year in 2012. That band was Imagine Dragons. This year, we have our sights set on Imaginary Cities. While they don”t have the pop flair of Imagine Dragons, lead singer Marti Sarbit’s voice will likely be the most unique thing you”ll hear all day.

J is for Jack Carty: Jack Carty is from Sydney, Australia and is clearly the most sentimental artist on our countdown so far. A pure guitar player with a voice to match, his songs feature rich lyrics and minimalist production. Each song is more magical than the one before. Here”s one of our favorites:

K is for The Kickback: The Kickback are another Chicago band on our list. A straightforward rock sound is mixed with a drum beat that could gain merit in jazz clubs worldwide. It”s a mix of sounds that is uniquely familiar yet wildly abstract. Give it a listen and hear for yourself.

L is for LEOGUN: This one was a slam dunk. A brilliant mix of driving progressive rock and glam rock, LEOGUN have a sound that resonates instantly with listeners. When the chorus

of “Let”s Be Friends” (below) hits, tell us you haven”t fallen in love. Can”t wait for these guys.

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