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Harris' Song of the Week: Carry On by Fun.

Fun. have been on the tip of everyones tongue since their big

wins at the Grammys last weekend. Although their album, Some Nights has been out for quite a while now, their song “Carry On” is just now beginging its rotation in the Top 40.

What”s interesting about music is how the tone of a song can change so┬ádramatically. When the album came out, “Carry On” seemed like a solid song in the middle of a solid album. Hearing performed on the Grammys and then on the radio is showing why this band is the real deal and how this album could become a consecutive year Grammy winner.

“Carry On” is a soft and sweet song. Contrary to other singles, it is not upbeat and it is not fun. Still, the song is beautiful and it

has a video to match. Fun.”s latest single is our song of the week. Enjoy!

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