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Harris' Song of the Week: Miracle Mile by Cold War Kids

The very first time I heard the Cold War Kids was in 2007. They were performing on Late Night With Conan O”Brien and I was not impressed. To this day I don”t remember why I stayed up to watch

the band, but remember thinking that I would enjoy their performance. Instead of enjoying it, I found the music boring and bland and the band itself overrated.

Fast forward six years. The Cold War Kids new single “Miracle

Mile” is anything but bland. From the opening piano chord, the song has a lot of life and a very unique progression. Even singer Nathan Willett”s voice shined in the song, a major hit against them the first time around.

The single will be the first from the bands albumĀ Dear Miss Lonelyhearts which is due out in April. If the rest of the album is anything like this single, it should be one of 2013″s most anticipated releases.

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