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Harris' Song of the Week: Walk Away by Ballyhoo!

Let”s start here. If I were judging a band based on their name, I would have assumed that Ballyhoo!


was the band featured on A.R. Rahman”s Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack. This is not that kind of band.

One of the freshest sounds I”ve stumbled on a long time, Ballyhoo! can be described only¬†as pure fun. It”s upbeat, reggae style rock with a pop twist that catches you off guard. Ballyhoo! has been around since 1995 but just recently began to see major circulation on their fifth studio album Daydreams.

Back to the song. Walk Away is pure reggae gold. Not too much jam. Not too much pop. It”s

the perfect balance and has a music video that fits both the bands unique style and songs message. Let us know what you think. I”m pretty sure you”re going to love this song as much

as I did.

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