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Harris' Song of the Week: True Romance by Motion City Soundtrack

Sure. 2012 is over. But it”s never too late to look back at some of the years best musical moments.

For me, one of those moments came courtesy

of Motion City Soundtrack and their 5th studio album “Go.”

The albums first single and our song of the week “True Romance” is a light hearted pop song that has just enough old school Motion City smeared on to keep fans of all ages interested. Smooth vocals from Justin Pierre pair with a very elaborate array of synthesizers and an upbeat tempo.

As music videos go, “True Romance” is one of the most creative I”ve seen. A non-stop, one camera sequence, the video shows the story of two individuals moving through their daily lives. Of course there”s a twist, but we”ll let you watch for yourself. The video is sprinkled with various band members singing and performing bits and pieces of a song that has helped carry Motion City Soundtrack into 2013.

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