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SXSW Alphabet: 26 Bands We Can’t Wait To See At SXSW (Q-T)

Each and every year, South by Southwest is a launching pad for new music. From John Mayer to Marina and the Diamonds, the festival has a knack for producing big name stars. As The Truth About Music prepares to cover the event for the third consecutive year, we’re excited to travel through the alphabet and pick 26 bands that we can’t wait to see at SXSW 2012. To see Letters M thru P, Click Here.

Q is for Quiet Company: It would have been easy to pick a band for the letter Q and rationalize it by saying there were only four choices. In reality, Quiet Company are an excellent Austin based band with a catalogue of excellent music. Melodic rock with straight forward guitar and drums, all layered with a beautiful sounding piano make Quiet Company our letter Q band.

R is for Rich Aucoin: After a long search through the R’s, we finally landed on Rich Aucoin. From Halifax, Nova Scotia, Aucoin is that perfect blend between electronic indie rock and a New York City club DJ. His shows look like one hell of a party and his songs resonate with an extremely wide audience. With upwards of three drummers on stage for his live shows, it isn’t hard to imagine these guys kicking ass.

S is for Said The Whale: Probably the toughest choice this list will see, the S’s 60+ bands took about three hours to sort through. When all was said and done, there were a few notable bands left standing. Said The Whale delivered the most unique blend of sounds, topped off with smooth vocal track. Their music video’s are fun and we hope their live show matches the excitement (S honorable mentions were Seapony, Secret Music and The Skies Revolt).

T is for Tonight Alive: Here’s a curveball for the SXSW crowd. With the music all beginning to blend together, Tonight Alive is a alternative rock (some would say emo) band from Australia. With a female lead singer, the band has raw power and over the top production. A traditionally all indie rock festival will probably have a tough time embracing a group like this, but there’s nothing wrong with trying. They’re pretty awesome.

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