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Predictions: The Truth About Music Picks The Winners For The 84th Academy Awards

As awards shows go, is there anything better than the Academy Awards? It’s a night of pageantry, remembrance and of course, great films. It is important to remember that while other awards shows, the Grammy’s in particular, celebrate achievement in the popular segment of the industry, the Oscars celebrate the craft of film making. Unfortunately this often leads to a world in which Academy Awards watchers don’t have a chance to see the movies nominated. If you’re looking for a cheat sheet, here it is. Be sure to tune in with us on Twitter Sunday night to chat Oscars with The Truth About Music!

The Artist Should Take Home The Nights Top Award


Winners are in Bold below:

Best Picture

Actor In A Leading Role

Actress In A Leading Role

Christopher Plummer Gave One Of The Years Most Underrated Performances in Beginners


Actor In A Supporting Role

Actress In A Supporting Role

Animated Feature Film


Best Director

Music (Original Score)

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