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SXSW Alphabet: 26 Bands We Can't Wait To See At SXSW (E-H)

Each and every year, South by Southwest is a launching pad for new music. From John Mayer to Marina and the Diamonds, the festival has a knack for producing big name stars. As The Truth About Music prepares to cover the event for the third consecutive year, we”re excited to travel through the alphabet and pick 26 bands that we can”t wait to see at SXSW 2012. To see bands A thru D, Click Here or for bands I thru L, Click Here.

E is for Electric Guest: This was one of the toughest letters yet. With a few noteworthy bands, the winner is Electric Guest. Produced by Danger Mouse, the band has an incredibly unique sound led by singer Asa Taccone”s voice. As a relative newcomer to the LA music scene, it will be interesting to see how much attention this band grabs at SXSW 2012.

F is for Films of Colour: Another very tough letter to judge, this one came down to two very different bands. While we really fell in love with the simplistic style and unique vocals of The Front Bottoms (), they were no match for England”s, Films of Colour. Fitting in somewhere between Arcade Fire and Muse, this band has a flair for the epic and a focus on quality songwriting.

G is for Gerald G: There”s a love hate relationship with our next artist. Making his home in Austin, Texas, rap artist Gerald G is full of Long Horn pride. Here”s the thing. While we love his rapping, the production and hooks in his songs are average at best. A live performance should reveal whether this artist is a one trick pony or a potential star. Either way, we”re ok with a risk at letter G.

H is for Hoodie Allen: From gangster rap to white boy rap, we”re an equal opportunity music blog. Hoodie Allen is that guy. He”s a Long Island, NY rap artist who likely grew up in a neighborhood surrounded by people who look just like him. Still, his reach and talent are undeniable. With a collaboration with SXSW sweetheart band Marina and the Diamonds already under his belt, this could be a big year for Hoodie Allen. (The first song below is his collaboration with Marina and the Diamonds. Below that is his single).

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