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SXSW Alphabet: 26 Bands We Can’t Wait To See At SXSW (A-D)

Each and every year, South by Southwest is a launching pad for new music. From John Mayer to Marina and the Diamonds, the festival has a knack for producing big name stars. As The Truth About Music prepares to cover the event for the third consecutive year, we’re excited to travel through the alphabet and pick 26 bands that we can’t wait to see at SXSW 2012. To see bands E-H Click Here.

A is for All The Young: From Great Britain come All The Young, a four piece, straight forward rock band with a knack for catchy hooks. What sold us about the band was their amazing music video for “The Horizon.” It’s a very creative video with a focus on the music. In the end, british accents just make music better.

B is for The Balconies: If you take a look around the music scene, a country that is often underrepresented is Canada. Maybe the tides are changing. In recent years, our neighbor to the north has given us Arcade Fire and Justin Beiber. Canada’s, The Balconies are looking to bring their punk rock style to SXSW. With a hard hitting attitude, this family affair is super catchy and comes in at letter “B” on our countdown.

C is for Cashier No. 9: Sometimes, just sometimes, a producer catches our eye. With a timpani drum roll kicking off their single “Goldstar,” it seemed as if there must be a man behind the curtain. That man is David Holmes, who has scored movie soundtracks from Oceans 11 to Analyze That. With a big name backer and a catchy indie rock sound, Cashier No. 9 sounds like a potential winner.

D is for Down With Webster: Are you ready for the next LMFAO? Not quite yet? What about if we add in some nerd roots and an old school LFO twist? This group fills your prescription for all of the above. At their heart, they are a rock meets rap group, performing all of their music live. Their music videos reveal a nerd, longing to fit into the boy band world. Sold.

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