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Review: Could 50/50 Get Joseph Gordon-Levitt Into The Oscar Discussion?

Gordon-Levitt and Kendrick Combine To Make This Movie Brilliant

When you take Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Seth Rogen, then throw them in a room with Anna Kendrick you’d expect an amazing outcome. Given their recent history, you’d probably arrive at a warm love story (Gordon-Levitt) with a bunch of smart (Kendrick) and raunchy (Rogen) jokes sprinkled in. Let’s be clear. This is not that movie.

Billed as a comedy, this movie could end up setting itself up to fail. While it has some comedic value, the dramatic appeal casts a shadow over the sporadic chuckles. You get it, right? Would you be more likely to see a movie about a twenty something’s battle with cancer or a twenty something’s battle with cancer that he turns into a ploy to sleep with women? Here is the disconnect. The first scenario is what the movie is. The second is the way it was advertised.

All of this irrelevant bitching aside, the movie is fantastic. The movie is an emotional roller coaster that really hits home. Especially if you are in your twenty’s. While most movies about cancer usually involve people either very old or quite young, this one hits generation y square in the chest.

Gordon-Levitt grew up in front of many of our eyes. We remember him flapping his arms in Angels in the Outfield, his breakout role as Cameron James in 10 Things I Hate About You and his incredible roles in (500) Days of Summer and Inception. It is this close connection that makes this movie seem so real. If you’re a baby boomer, watch Barney’s Version and then you’ll understand what this felt like.

Rogen Adds Comedic Moments To This Heart Felt Story

This movie should draw a lot of attention come Oscar season. It’s the type of movie the Academy loves. It involves cancer, crying, tiny bits of comedy and previously nominated actors. On that note, Kendrick is amazing in this movie. The relationship she forges with Gordon-Levitt rivals Matt Damon and Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting. It’s this connection that you feel and it takes the two of them to drag you into this story.

Let us not forget about the most famous cast member in 50/50. Rogen has been on a massive losing streak. Since his breakthrough in 2007′s Knocked Up and Superbad, his roles have gone from bad to worse. He was a drag in Zack and Miri Make a Porno and let us not forget his first blockbuster starring role. The Green Hornett. On second thought, let us forget that one. Still, this movie is a bounce back for him. Although he played his usual role, there was a relatable element to him. And yes, (Spoiler Alert), he does smoke pot in the movie.

The movie shouldn’t garner much consideration for Best Picture. It was a a great movie but will be overlooked because of its cast (Seth Rogen, we’re looking at you). Still, Gordon-Levitt and Kendrick both gave magical performances that should get some attention. Playing this kind of role is not easy and while they both lean on comedy at times, their deep understanding of how to make an emotional connection with an audience is superb. These two still have long careers ahead of them but this one will always shine on their respective resume’s.

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