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Review: Ides Of March Continues Year of The Gosling

When we take a look back at 2011, we’ll be left with a handful of assorted classics, a few flops and yet another Twilight. 2011 marked the end of Harry Potter and the rebirth of the X-Men franchise. Still, in a year of subdued performances, one forgotten actor has reemerged as a superstar. Ryan Gosling got his big break playing the role of Noah across from Rachel McAdams in 2004′s The Notebook.

Now, half a decade later, Gosling is back and is having quite a year. After starring in Drive and giving a superb performance in Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Ides of March marks Gosling’s first truly dramatic lead role. He matches wits with George Clooney in a role that fits him like a glass slipper. It was great to see a role in which Gosling relied on his acting chops, leaving his shirt on for (almost) the entire movie.

The story itself is fantastic. A relatively ignored but interesting storyline in politics, Gosling fits in as the hotshot campaign manager while Clooney plays a sleazy presidential candidate. Both seem perfectly casted. The entire story takes place in a ten day period and I was shocked to look at the clock towards the end of the movie to find almost two hours had gone by. Despite no chase scenes or shootouts, the movie has a storyline that moves in all the right ways.

What the writer and director really got right was the style of the movie. The use of lighting and shadows is brilliant and some of the best scenes feature just one cast member with thoughts racing through their head. There are no gimmicks. No fluff. The movie is a straight forward drama with Gosling proving he has the chops to work as a leading man in Hollywood. This is a must see for drama fans, Clooney fans and Gosling fans (unless you watch Gosling just to watch him take his clothes off).

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