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Harris’ Song of the Week: Crystal Vases by The Last Royals

Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what it is about a song that makes it stand out. This is the case with this weeks song of the week. There is nothing revolutionary about the acoustic strumming or bottom heavy drumming style. Still, there is something that makes Crystal Vases by The Last Royals a fantastic song.

Taking the best parts of bands like Vampire Weekend and JET, The Last Royals have created a smooth soft rock sound and blend acoustic and electric guitars into a magical blend. Despite the full band sound, the group is comprised of only two members. Eric James is the singer, writer and producer while Mason Ingram holds down the percussive section of the group.

The duo is still a very small blip on the pop radar but this song could easily land in a national commercial or television show, which would launch the band to huge success like tons of other indie pop bands before them. If you don’t like this song, there actually could be something wrong with your ears. Check it out and let us know what you think.

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