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Harris’ Song of the Week: Faster by Matt Nathanson

There is no doubt about it. I am a sucker for a perfect hook, sung by guys who have that whole singer slash songwriter thing down. Over the last few years I’ve run the gambit from Teddy Geiger to Daniel Powter. Mat Kearney to Jack Johnson. A few years ago, I had the privelidge to seeing Matt Nathanson live. While I wasn’t a fan of his at the time, his smooth style and obvious guy with an acoustic guitar appeal won me over. After his huge hit “Come On Get Higher” went platinum back in 2008, Nathanson hasn’t had a huge amount of success in the pop arena.

Now, he’s finally back with a new album which comes out two weeks from now titled “Modern Love.” The first single from that album is titled “Faster,” a song that has smash single written all over it. It’s everything you’d want from a catchy, acoustic based single. The only part of this song that annoys me is the guitar riff in the verse which is a straight rip off of Alexa Ray Joel’s single “Notice Me.” Aside from that, Nathanson’s voice is a soothing and fits in perfectly into the groove. The chorus is just catchy eneough to get stuck in your head and this song should be huge as we move into the heat of the summer.

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