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June Movie Trailer Breakdown

As June begins, summer blockbusters are in full force. Almost as important to the big time studios as which movies the general public goes to see, are which previews get aired during those sold out shows. Here are some newly released trailers that you might stumble across.

30 Minutes Or Less: Tired concept, with an amazingly fresh cast. This will be a true test to see if Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari can handle the leading roles in a shoot’em up comedy. Definitely a movie to look forward to in August.

50/50: Written by and starring Seth Rogen, this dark comedy deals with the bright side of having only a 50% chance of living. I wanted to dislike this concept. But, if there was one person who could make me care about this movie, it would have to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Luckily, he plays the cancer patient.

A Little Help: Jenna Fischer in a leading role playing an awkward mother. Yeah, we’re in.

Beautiful Boy: Wow. Talk about turning a movie on its side. This emotional drama is told from the point of view of a grieving family who’s son was the shooter in a campus shooting. While I prefer Michael Sheen in a comedy, Maria Bello plays dramatic mom so well.

Colombiana: Zoe Saldana’s first major step into a leading role, she seems poised to become a big action star. Unfortunately, this tired plot probably won’t be the movie that puts her on the map. All I have to say is “never forget where you came from.”

Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop: Very happy that this story is being told. Seems like it will be among the years best documentaries.

Daydream Nation: Bored. Juno meets Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Kat Dennings rocks but won’t save this one.

Fright Night: Could be the worst Vampire concept yet. It’s the same plot as Disturbia only the killer next door is…you guessed it. A vampire.

Horrible Bosses: I could watch Kevin Spacey, Jason Sudeikis and Jason Bateman have conversations for hours. Given that, plus appearances by Jamie Fox and Jennifer Anniston means one of two things. Either this movie will be amazing, or it will be terrible.

One Day: Jim Sturgess with an English accent is great. Anne Hathaway on the other hand leaves something to be desired.

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