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Songs In My Head: The Show Goes On

There are certain types of songs that often sum up a particular time of year. When you look back at the summer, there’s always a handful of songs that created the soundtrack for the beach, pool or boat. 2011 has a few songs on their way to being called this summers largest anthems. So far, our pick is Lupe Fiasco’s first single from his critally acclaimed album “Lasers.”

Featuring a sing-a-long chorus and some very creative lyrical runs from Lupe, the song is light hearted and the perfect song to both begin and end a playlist. What really puts the song over the edge is its production. If you listen closely you can hear tidbits from Modest Mouse’s 2004 smash single “Float On” which was layered in amongst original beats by the Fiasco team. The song is a monster and has a ton of potential as temperature continues to climb.

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