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Results From Our Glee Contest, Winners Announced

The last two weeks have been awesome here at The Truth About Music. We had over 100 entries into our Glee contest and using those results we’ve figured out the top ten songs from this season. Here are the top ten songs from Season 2 of Glee, as voted on by you, the fans!!

  1. Loser Like Me, 22 Votes
  2. I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, 19 Votes
  3. Get It Right, 13 Votes
  4. Valerie, 11 Votes
  5. Rolling in the Deep, 11 Votes
  6. Somewhere Only We Know, 11 Votes
  7. Born This Way, 10 Votes
  8. Teenage Dream, 8 Votes
  9. Landslide, 7
  10. Marry You, 6 Votes

The overwhelming favorite for Glee Song of the Year goes to the original, Loser Like Me, performed at Regionals during the episode Original Song. Now to the fun stuff. Here are the winners of our random drawing. Every person who submitted a list of their top five songs was automatically entered into the drawing. And the winners and songs they chose are:

Grand Prize – Season 2 DVD Set

Chantell Lopez: loser like me,
 Teenage dream
, Get it Right, Pretending, As long as you’re there

1st Runner Up – Choice of Any Glee Album

Amanda Bestwick: Get it Right, Pretending, Somewhere Only We Know, I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, Rolling in The Deep

2nd Runner Up – Choice of Any Glee Album

Jeremy Boucher: Get It Right, Born This Way, Pure Imagination, Landslide, I want to hold your hand

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  • Comment by April posted June 12, 2012 at 23:02

    Glee cast I got your DVDs and CDS