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Harris’ Song of the Week: Super Bass by Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj didn’t hit my radar until Kanye West’s single “Monster” was released. While I can’t say my interest in her has skyrocketed since then, this song made me take notice. It’s interesting to note that while bread and butter for many pop artists in the hip hop and rap genres are hook friendly choruses, Minaj dominates this song with the verse. In fact, the chorus is rather forgettable. Many of her best performances seem to come during the verses while few of her hooks are memorable.

It’s the same story in “Super Bass” for Nicki Minaj. Her quick paced rap lyrics entrance the audience as she inserts more words than any other female artist into a catchy pop song. Nicki Minaj will have a successful career because, like many other up and coming artists right now, she has true talent. She can do something that almost no other musician can and she’s completely unafraid to say exactly what’s on her mind.

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