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Harris’ Song of the Week: Someone Like You by Adele

Throwing the word brilliant around is dangerous. Finding that perfect song, by that perfect artist is so rare. When I was in Los Angeles last week, I was really impressed by Dan Wilson, leader of the band Semisonic and writer of smash hits like “Closing Time.” He co-wrote the song of the week with Adele for her latest album “21.”

Hearing him perform it, having never heard the song before was really eye opening. Despite Adele’s incredible talent, it proved that a great song can be performed in almost any context and still stand up. The recorded song is a testament to Adele’s vocal power. It relies almost exclusively on her voice, accompanied only by a faded piano.

There was an added level of excitment when I found out that this would be the second single from the album, after “Rolling In The Deep.” While I’m not sure this song will ever be a huge radio hit, the level of this performance has helped to elevate Adele to a new level of critical acclaim. For me, this song steels the entire show.

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