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New Cassettes Prepare For American Domination On Heels Of SXSW

New Cassettes at SXSW

One of the greatest parts about SXSW is discovering new music. Music that you have never heard from various countries, or brand new acts from your own backyard. In diving into the thousands of bands listed on the various websites for SXSW, we came across a band called New Cassettes. Formed in 2005, the band describes their careers together as a “roller coaster.” With periods of moderate success overseas, the band is ready to bring their talents ashore in America.

Similar to how many bands launch their careers, New Cassettes have had a bit of help along the way. In looking for local support for a show in the UK, The Strokes liked the band’s sound enough to let them lead off after forming just a few months earlier. With varied tastes in music throughout the band, drummer Tommy Francis mentioned that they “all had a passion for a cheesy pop song,” something that we can certainly relate to. It’s great to see a band that knows where they fit in. Without trying to sound cliche, they embrace their role as an up and coming pop band instead of looking to reinvent the wheel.

As New Cassettes continue their journey into American households, MTV looks to play a large role in their success. Searching for licensing opportunities in film or television, they were approached by MTV and were asked to join MTV Hype, a new platform for emerging artists. “It gives MTV the opportunity to work with bands that they like and hopefully bands that will stick around a little bit” said lead singer Tom Stubbs. That last sentiment is something the whole bands seems wary of. With so many one-and-done artists in the pop world, they hope that a slower buildup with help from MTV can help forward them to new heights.

With their new partners, New Cassettes were given the opportunity to play the MTV Garage, performing just ahead of headliners Matt & Kim. Circling back around, the bands sound is what truly made them stand out to us. A perfect mix between a raw and polished sound, New Cassettes capture the same emotion on their record as they do during a very energetic set at the garage. While they don’t believe they will receive any preferential treatment in getting their pop friendly anthems placed in MTV shows, one can only imagine it will be the next step. Breaking in America seems like an immediate goal for the group of guys who feel that people in the states want to champion smaller bands, getting behind them at an early stage. “In England, to sell enough to be a band, you really got to be big there, where as here people just walk into a bar and watch a band” said Stubbs.

Francis said it best in summing up the band. “It’s pop, let’s enjoy ourselves…it was a breath of fresh air really to be able to play stuff that you really wanted to but knew that you shouldn’t.” While at SXSW, the band was hoping to score some touring opportunities back in the United States although at the moment, they are back home, likely recovering from an exhausting week. ”We don’t necessarily want to be rich and famous. We just want to earn a comfortable living, doing what we love. If anything better happens, we’ll do that obviously…” If you hadn’t guessed from this article, the band has a very relaxed attitude towards things. That idea most likely comes from the immense talent amongst the musicians in the band who know that the music speaks for itself and that eventually, they will succeed in America, or at least make it to Disney World (their hidden reason for traveling to the United States).

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