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Atomic Tom Seeing Success After Getting Off The Subway

Bands built off of their music videos have an instant appeal. Good music and pop hooks, paired with creative music videos, breeds instant recognition and a nationwide fan base. Atomic Tom built a strong reputation for themselves in the New York City area but until the recent release of their single “Take Me Out” and the video that goes along with it, their nationwide appeal was limited. ”I would say we notice it more elsewhere” drummer Tobias Smith said. “In New York we’ve been able to get a lot of people at our shows for the last two or three years. When we went to Chicago, a few weeks before we released the video we had like 30 people at the show. When we went back there a couple of weeks ago we had well over a hundred people.”

The music video itself was a modern day take on street performing based on the subways of New York City. While riding on a real life subway, the band used iPhones to recreate their single. What made the video special for New Yorkers was its local feel. It was done with other passengers riding the train who slowly became aware of what was happening. Atomic Toms lead singer Luke White summed it up best. “The first take they were not really caring, but we weren’t really doing a very good job. By the third take, we had come back across and you can hear a few people that are really into the performance…the response on that third take was really cool.”

Atomic Tom

Atomic Tom at SXSW

It was this third take that eventually made it online and became one of 2011′s most buzzed about videos. While music videos are fun, the entire band was very clear that the music comes first. Early on during SXSW, Atomic Tom played a show in front of a packed house just off of the main drag. The show was filled to the brim with fans, photographers and other music executives, eager to take peek at a band that had accomplished something many bands can only dream of. This month, their music video for “Take Me Out” will surpass the five million views mark on YouTube and the band will join some superstar company.

Here’s a clip of the band performing the single at SXSW.

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