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American Idol Mini-Recap; The Top 13

  1. Casey Abrams, With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker, 8/10, great arrangement
  2. Naima Adedapo, Umbrella by Rihanna, 3/10, super generic
  3. Lauren Alaina, Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain, 4/10, (no) standout vocal (moment)
  4. Justin Durbin, Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney, 6/10, hit the high notes
  5. Ashthon Jones, When You Tell Me That You Love Me by Diana Ross, 6/10, good (not) great
  6. Stefano Langone, Lately by Stevie Wonder, 4/10, bland
  7. Jacob Lusk, I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly, 3/10, bad vocals
  8. Scotty McCreery, The River by Garth Brooks, 6/10, super safe
  9. Paul McDonald, Come Pick Me Up by Ryan Adams, unique
  10. Thia Megia, Smile by Michael Jackson, 6/10, good enough (for this week)
  11. Haley Reinhart, Blue by LeAnn Rimes, 4/10, bad song (choice)
  12. Karen Rodriguez, I Could Fall In Love by Selena, 5/10, generic
  13. Pia Toscano, All By Myself by Eric Carmen, 7/10, solid performance

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  • Comment by Wiggie Weezer Jenson posted April 22, 2011 at 10:38

    I think Haley is hot. She has amazing hair. I think it is a wig. I love wigs. If anyone has any great wig pics or suggestions on where I can find new wigs like Haley’s please forward to me.
    Cheers dudes and happy WigDay!