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And The Oscar Went To…TAM’s Oscar Recap

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Here we sit a day later. The Oscars are over. The winners are happy. The losers are likely still either very upset or very hungover (or both). Now we are left with looking back on the year in movies and figuring out what the Academy got right and what they got wrong. The general feeling amongst people I watched the Oscars with that of blah. They were overwelmingly bored with the show. There’s a simple reason. There wasn’t a single upset. Every single person who was picked to win, won. The Golden Globe winners all took home the same awards, without any notable upsets. There was very little in the way of true emotion that can only come from a young Adrien Brody beating Jack Nicholson, Daniel Day Lewis, Michael Caine and Nicholas Cage to win Best Actor in a Leading Role.

The only award that I thought had a chance to shock us last night was Best Actress In A Supporting Role. The favorite and eventual winner was Melissa Leo but a win from the younger Hailey Steinfeld could of really infused some energy into the show. Being only 14, her reaction might of been legendary. Instead, the people who everyone thought would win did. The catch 22 to this entire situation is that if there were upsets, critics would bitch and moan that the “true winners” walked away empty handed. In the end, I believe the awards went to the correct people. Another oddity was the lack of a dominant winner. The Kings Speech led the way with only four awards (compared to six for The Hurt Locker last year). Inception also had four awards but they were all in the technical categories.

Finally, I want to encourage you to go out and see movies. Having seen almost all of the major Oscar movies this year, it was really gratifying to see people like Colin Firth accepting his first Academy Award and Trent Reznor being honored for crafting the most chilling soundtrack the movie world has ever seen (come on, he somehow infused drama and suspense into a movie about computer programing). If you have not seen the major award winners, they are all being released on DVD this spring. The first two on my list will be Black Swan and The Kings Speech as The Social Network already resides in my collection.

Until next year, happy movie watching!!

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