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iTunes Free Single of the Week: “Happily Ever After” by He Is We

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written this column and I have a confession to make. While these usually end with a link to iTunes so that you can download the song for free, this one will not for a simple reason. This was last weeks single of the week on iTunes. Either way, this song very well might be worth a purchase online, or at least a listen on YouTube.

He Is We hails from the great state of Washington and features the duo of Rachel Taylor and Trevor Kelly. What’s interesting is the gaping body of water this group seems to bridge. Halfway in between female alternative rock like Meg & Dia or Hey Monday and country superstars like Taylor Swift, He Is We has a brilliant overall sound. Full of hooks, their songs scream top of the charts. Last weeks single, “Happily Ever After” has the type of childhood fantasy themes present in many songs by Swift but with a very fresh take.

Furthermore, unless you’re a fan of Meg & Dia, the vocal stylings of Rachel Taylor will come off as very original. She has a great twang in her voice that really stands out in the course of a three and half minute song. With lackluster backing, it is clear that He Is We is built squarely on the shoulders of the songwriting pair. If they are able to come up with a dozen more songs like this one we could be looking at a very hot group in the coming years.

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