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Opinion: ‘Sanctum’ Should Be Embarrassed After This Weekends Box Office Results

I wouldn’t dare preach to you about how good or bad the movies that came out this weekend are. Unless you are going to theaters to see one of the many films still playing that are nominated for Academy Awards (The Kings Speech, Black Swan and The Fighter are still playing in many theaters), you saw a bunch of trash this weekend. There were two movies that came out this weekend that stole the show at the box office. While both of these movies looked bad, their performance was outragous. First came the epic Sanctum, about a group of cave divers who get trapped underground. Produced by Avatar’s James Cameron, the movie is in 3-D (shocking, I know) and looks awful.

The other movie is The Roomate, which stars a pair of look alike hollywood sweethearts. Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly perform in this college thriller remake. What startled me is that The Roomate did almost twice as much revenue as Sanctum. While both of these movies look terrible, Sanctum had the big name producer and the carry over from Avatar’s 3-D success. What looked good on paper failed to translate into the box office and James Cameron’s first project since leaving Avatar behind has already become a colossal failure grossing just $9.2 million compared to The Roomate’s $15.6 million. I’m not sure who should be more ashamed, the people who went to see The Roomate or the team behind Sanctum.

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