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List: Top Five 2011 Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl commercials are one of the most talked about forms of media on television during a given year. While many die hard sports fans hang on every single play on the field, pop culture fans often enjoy what happens between plays just as much. With classic ads such as Apple’s “1984″ or the E-Trade Talking Baby, this stage is an opportunity for companies to make or break their books for the year 2011. While some ads are rather generic, these are the five that caught our eyes.

1. Pepsi: Each year, a company usually emerges that takes the best in show category. Not only are the commercials funny, there are often multiple versions all with a similar theme. This years overarching winner was Pepsi. With two incredibly funny commercials they were the cream of the advertising crop. Their first ad was titled Love Hurts. While the comedy used in the ad was of the slapstick variety, the outcome was so unexpected that it drew huge laughs from television audiences nationwide. Their second spot, titled “First Date” told the story of a couple out on their first date and what each person was thinking. The repetitive nature and bluntness of their thoughts is what made this commercial laugh out loud funny.

2. Daimler Chrysler: It’s rare when a Super Bowl commercial that tops the charts isn’t funny. The most memorable commercials usually contain great punch lines or funny actors and actresses. This year, one of the top honors goes to a stunning, visually moving commercial from Daimler Chrysler. With a message that ends up reading “Imported From Detroit,” it is the type of commercial that can give you goosebumps as you realize what type of message is being delivered. From a city that was thought to be crumbling under the financial crisis, comes that cities #1 supporter Eminem, driving past landmarks of Detroit and showing just how American a car and a brand can be.

3. Doritos: Doritos always puts on a good show at the Super Bowl. While in previous years they have had multiple commercials that impressed us, this year it came down to just one. A simple concept in which Doritos are able to bring things back to life is finally put into practice on the ashes contained in a broken urn. When a friends roommate returns, he is greeted by his previously deceased grandfather. While this ad may be seen as predictable, it still drew big laughs. (It should be noted that the other Doritos commercial, Best For Last also drew some big laughs, playing off of the idea that licking your fingers was the best part of eating a bag of chips).

4. Volkswagen: Anytime you take a product and mix in the Star Wars magic, it’s always a good match. This year, German car maker Volkswagen, used a little boy dressed in Darth Vader costume to create some Super Bowl magic. After repeatedly failing to use “the force” around his house, the little boy (with a little help from his dad) turns on the cars engine. A nice mix between sentimental and funny, this ad is the type we expect from car companies on Super Bowl Sunday.

5. Bridgestone: We’ve all done it. While the concept is important in many businesses, the “reply all” button is used only in specific times. The panic of having sent an email to dozens of viewers instead of just your intended reader can be nerve racking. While the commercial is for tires, the point is taken very lightly. Overall, this is a funny use of office humor and one that seemed really original and hilariously funny during the game.

Honorable Mentions

Best Commercial Featuring a Celebrity: Eminem aside, the best celebrity appearance came from Faith Hill in an ad for Teleflora. In it, a young man is looking for just the right words to write to someone he loves. When Hill tells him to write what’s in his heart, he ends up sending “…your rack is unreal.”

Favorite Trailer: Another big trend during the Super Bowl is brand new movie trailers. While this year featured a slew of them including Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Battle Los Angeles and Super 8, our favorite trailer was for Thor. Cast brilliantly and what looks to be a stunning visual, Marvel will try to hit a home run this summer, teaming Thor with Captain America in hopes of dominating the summer movie season.

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