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Songs In My Head: Shake Me Down

Only time will tell if Cage the Elephant will ever reach their potential. They have an incredible energy that shines through with flying colors on their album, a feat not so easily accomplished. While their very first single, “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked,” might end up going down as the bands largest, “Shake Me Down,” the bands first single from Thank You, Happy Birthday is a fantastic portrayal of the bands prowess as song writers. From the very first note, it just works.

A slightly reverberated guitar gives way to Matthew Shultz scratchy, addicting voice and the song is off to the races. It manages to be heavy, with drums that pound into your ears and soft, with a hook that melts all the ice off of your heart. “Shake Me Down” probably won’t break any sales records and might even be considered a step back for Cage the Elephant but it is a can’t miss single and a song that should be on your radar in 2011.

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