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Harris’ Song of the Week: For You, And Your Denial by Yellowcard

Old habits die hard. Towards the end of their existence as a music group, just before the inevitable hiatus, I became a huge fan of Yellowcard. With a mix of way above average musicianship and great pop punk songwriting, the band won over my heart. As if it had never happened, the band split and my big hopes for their future evaporated.

Now as we enter 2011, the band is indeed back together just under two years since their initial split. Now that all is well in the land of Yellowcard, they have vaulted back into the spotlight with a brand new single, presumably the first from the forthcoming album When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes. The song itself features everything we have come to love from the band. Opening with a classical riff on the violin, it is a fast paced, energy filled pop punk song with plenty of edge.

If the goal was to get people fired up for the new album, this song is sure to fit the bill. We will have to wait until March to hear the rest of the album but this single was released in iTunes earlier this week. Check it out and watch the unofficial video below:

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