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Review: The Truth About The Green Hornet

Being one of the first large budget blockbusters of 2011, Seth Rogen paired with a long list of supporting actors and actresses to recreate The Green Hornet. Originally debuting in the 1930′s, the character has been used in movies, television shows and comic books ever since. The story told of an average Joe helping to fight crime alongside his ninja fast sidekick Kato. Stories like this have been told before. In order for this one to stand out, the characters had to be endearing and there had to be something original to spark the audiences interest.

Rogen and his Asian counterpart played by Jay Chou have succeeded in creating one of the worst comic book remakes and possibly the worst movie of 2011. The entire premise of the movie is flawed. Rogen spends the entire movie flaunting his rich white boy style while Chou struggles in the shadow of Rogen’s fame. A disastrous combination of Rogen being one dimensional and Chou’s character not being strong enough to act as a lead role are this films demise.

Even the villain, played by Academy Award winner Christoph Waltz turns in a mail order performance. Fighting his natural Austrian accent, Waltz creates a villain that doesn’t come off as scary (Hannibal Lecter) or likable (The Joker in The Dark Knight). There are even moments, when Rogen is prancing around, being a jerk that you are rooting for Waltz to just kill him. That is never a good sign, especially with an actor like Seth Rogen.

There are two things that work really well in the movie. They both revolve around Chou’s character Kato. First is a scene that involves Kato making a cappuccino for Rogen. In spite of the simplicity of this action, it was a surprisingly artsy image in a bleak movie. The second are the fighting scenes involving Kato. Deep inside this terrible movie are some incredibly complex and well executed fighting scenes involving Chou. A veteran of karate style movies including Curse of the Golden Flower and True Legend, Chou has an incredibly complex fighting style that oozes out of his performance.

The end couldn’t come soon enough for The Green Hornet. The usually fun loving and endearing Rogen gave his worst performance to date, recycling jokes from almost every other movie he had starred in. During a busy Oscar season, don’t waste your money or your time on this Rogen failure.

On a side note, the movie was in 3D. My thoughts on this style of film have been well documented before. Similar to movies such as Megamind, this movie was in 3D solely as a marketing ploy. There was very little use of the added dimension. Shame on them.

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