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Harris’ Song of the Week: Whatever Happened To Saturday Night by The Cast of Glee

I can’t remember the last time I did this. It might be as far back as the premiere episode of Glee with the song “Don’t Stop Believing.” Upon re-listening to the Glee: Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack this past weekend, I realized that they had done a great job on it. As bad as the story was during that episode, they executed the songs really well. With a number of great songs, this stood out as my favorite.

It’s interesting to see where Glee has come in just a year and half on television. From the upstart, under backed pilot to becoming one of the most successful shows of all time. It has given a huge boost to both the television and music industries, helping to reinvent songs, bands and musicals. Whether the cast is covering a catalogue of Madonna songs, reinventing half of Journey’s collection or just singing Christmas carols, Glee is good for the entertainment industry even if you despise their style.

That’s that. A season that has been less than stellar for Glee had a few bright spots. The recordings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show songs are among the best recordings of 2010. Just in case you were being a detective, you’ll notice that this song does not appear by title on any of the original soundtracks for the movie or musicals. The song, originally recorded by Meatloaf for the 1975 soundtrack was called “Hot Patootie/Bless My Soul.”

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