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The Countdown Begins Tomorrow; Here Are The Songs That Didn’t Make The Cut

This was the year of the single. There were hundreds of great songs to choose from. With tons of great singles, you might conclude that there were a ton of great albums. This was not the case. While our singles category was very dense, it was tough to find ten albums worthy of recognition on a list like this. With huge artists like Rihanna, Eminem and Kanye West dominating, a huge group of small, lesser known artists rose to the top and 2010 and helped to carry the pop music world forward.

With all of these songs competing for a spot, I had the daunting task of narrowing down 50 songs to create a list of the top 20 songs of the year. It was pretty shocking when you boiled it down, who made the cut and who didn’t. Below are songs 21 through 25, the songs that just missed the cut and were left out in the cold this year.

25. Crossfire by Brandon Flowers: 2010 saw the end of The Killers and beginning for the bands first major side project. Stepping out on his own, lead singer Brandon Flowers hit the scene with this top flight single. What ends up being the prohibiting factor for the song is its similarity to The Killers. There was almost nothing to create separation from Flowers and his former band. ‘

24. Cooler Than Me by Mike Posner: One of the biggest breakthrough artists of 2010, Mike Posner was able to bridge that gap between adult contemporary rock and hip hop. He had an incredible appeal to women that helped this song become one of the summers biggest hits.

23. Magic by B.o.B. Featuring Rivers Cuomo: Without a doubt, B.o.B. had a stunning debut album. The trouble is, the album had so many great songs that this one ended up getting lost in the shuffle. Regardless it is an amazing song and is clearly Rivers Cuomo’s best work of the year.

22. Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz: Early in the year, this song could of contended for song of the year. It had all of the elements that made a great club song great. There was a great beat, an awesome cameo (by Ludacris) and perfect production. A huge amount of other great songs in this genre kept Cruz out of the top 20.

21. Your Love is My Drug by Ke$ha: You could argue that Ke$ha was 2010′s biggest artist. When I put this list together, I realized that there were truly 20 songs better than this one. Despite it being outside of the top 20, it was her largest song to date and propelled her to immense success.

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