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Harris’ Song of the Week: Another Hit by Downbeat Keys

With New York roots, Downbeat Keys are a funk band turned hip hop masters. With the last minute addition of two rappers, the Hamilton University students went from jam band to a band hell bent on fixing what’s wrong with the music industry. An instant standout feature for the band is sheer speed. They perform at a pace unheard of in the rap world, often breaching 120 beats per minute. While this speed is rarely touched, it does add a very special element to the groups sound.

This song┬áspecifically┬áreminds me old school Jay-Z when he would go into rap runs that lasted an entire verse, seemingly without breathing. There is an old school groove that ends up being so relevant. While this group is still primarily on the underground in New York City, they are poised for a big 2011, working with master songwriter Jeff Franzell on their new EP. If you’re a fan of rap or hip hop, I can’t imagine you not liking the sound of this band and the refreshing dose of live instrumentation.

Checkout Downbeat Keys song “Another Hit” on MySpace.

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