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Harris’ Song of the Week: Wish List by Neon Trees

I’m just as surprised as you probably are. When I first heard “Animal” by Neon Trees, I assumed they would be a one hit wonder. I figured once the allure of their sound faded away, so would their mainstream┬ápresence. This past Tuesday they took a large step to making themselves a household name. Participating in iTunes annual Free Holiday Single of the Week, the band released a track that couldn’t be found on their debut album Habits.

The song is called “Wish List” and if I’m being honest (which I almost always am), the song is amazing. For a modern day band to capture both that indie rock flair and the Christmas spirit is almost unheard of. This song has it all. The lyrics are Christmas themed. There are sleigh bells. There’s a catchy chorus. What else could I ask for in a holiday song? Regardless of this songs holiday overtones, it is a great song on its own and showcases lead singer Tyler Glenn’s┬ásuperb┬ávocals. Maybe I’m just sick of “Animal” but this song is a much needed change of pace and could keep Neon Trees in my circulation for a few more weeks.

On a side note, their second single (which they are rolling out slower than a hipster picking out pants to go with his plaid shirt), “1983″ is a darn good song as well. I can only have one song of the week so in the holiday spirit I’ll stick with the first one. You can download Wish List by Neon Trees on iTunes until 12/6/10 for free. Check out both songs below.

Wish List


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